Wildfire 1
Hawkins (w) Sejic (a)

This book is a wallop of a science comic. GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are a very hot topic and will continue to become more and more controversial as we gain more knowledge about their effects and how they are being regulated (or lack thereof). A lot of the food on the markets today are GMO's because they are easier to grow and insects do not attack them at all or as much. This comic runs at the debate head on! Below are the pages you can find on a preview from CBR.  

Also, I'm not discussing the science about this comic as much because the science comic writer extortioner, Matt Hawkins, does a magnificent job over covering it in SCIENCE CLASS, which is at the end of each of his comics. Also, he will be posting SCIENCE CLASS on his website: http://matttalks.com
SCIENCE CLASS is not currently up on the site, but he assured me it will be soon! 
Read it, Love it, Learn it! 


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